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    Your friendly neighbor official scrub


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    Your friendly neighbor official scrub

    Post by nausea on Wed 30 Mar 2016, 2:13 am

    Name: Brent (Can call me naus like everyone else)

    IGN: Vanilla

    Location: San Diego, Cali

    Classes you want to apply:
    First (Primary) - gypsy
    Second - clown
    Third - spp/dd chem

    Character Build/Stats/Gears: Not ready yet

    Consumables used in WoE: ^

    Previous server(s) and guild(s): irO is what i mained, temped in other servers; ggro, aro, etc.

    Any WoE SE experience? Yep

    Are you willing to reroll to any other class when needed? Yup, just as long as it isn't Pally/Hw/Prof, unless you want to teach me. I never found them easy or fun

    Are you able to make every woe? It depends on how school goes, I usually make all woe's

    Any high-tier MVP experience? (i.e. Beelzebub, Bio3, Satan Morroc, etc.) Yes, not entirely sure how much time aside of woe im going to devote yet. But i'll be on discord/skype/etc anytime anyone needs me

    Why do you want to join our guild? I've woe'd with snl few years ago temping when i was in valk on iro classic & I like how you guys lead

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    Re: Your friendly neighbor official scrub

    Post by HeYxSeAn on Wed 30 Mar 2016, 11:34 am

    Second - clown

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