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    Post by Samuka on Mon 28 Mar 2016, 8:33 am

    Name: Samuel (Samuka)

    IGN: Thug Life

    Location: Portugal

    Classes you want to apply:
    First (Primary) - Devo Palladin
    Second -
    Third -

    Character Build/Stats/Gears: 99 Dex/Vit 25 Str Bg set +bradium shield ( horn+ green ferus +noxious + evil druid )  Aoa Nimble Orlean Gloves 4x drops dagger

    Consumables used in WoE: white condensed potion blue pots Dex/Vit Food Box Of Gloom

    Previous server(s) and guild(s): Last Server i think was Avid -Ro (not sure) was like 2 years ago Last Guild i Played was wtih u guys not sure about server too just know was before u guys went to iro and played on iro too a bit but just left ro after.

    Any WoE SE experience? Yes Some

    Are you willing to reroll to any other class when needed? Well Could try help what ever it need

    Are you able to make every woe? yes of course

    Any high-tier MVP experience? (i.e. Beelzebub, Bio3, Satan Morroc, etc.) Bio 3 yea..

    Why do you want to join our guild? well as i said already played with you guys

    Note : i just back on ro just Start 2 Days ago have a 95/61 pally will try be ready for next woe not promise since its low rates low drops will try my best

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    Devo-Palladin Aplication Empty Re: Devo-Palladin Aplication

    Post by Jolen on Mon 28 Mar 2016, 2:40 pm

    we save in Verus you can find us there

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