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    MUST READ FIRST - Application Format


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    MUST READ FIRST - Application Format Empty MUST READ FIRST - Application Format

    Post by SmashMac on Fri 18 Mar 2016, 7:29 pm

    Make a new thread in this format: ign - Class Base/Job - Server

    Example: Sabotaj - High Wizard 95/62 - iRO

    Proper Application Format (Click "Proper Format"):

    Proper Format:



    Classes you want to apply:
    First (Primary) -
    Second -
    Third -

    Character Build/Stats/Gears:

    Consumables used in WoE:

    Previous server(s) and guild(s):

    Any WoE SE experience?

    Are you willing to reroll to any other class when needed?

    Are you able to make every woe?

    Any high-tier MVP experience? (i.e. Beelzebub, Bio3, Satan Morroc, etc.)

    Why do you want to join our guild?

    Note: If you do not properly fill out the application, your application will be disregarded until it is formatted correctly.

    MUST READ FIRST - Application Format Pbucket
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